Monday, June 16, 2008

New Desk!

So... I have been waiting a week and its finally here!!! Actually, I tracked it yesterday and the Target website said it wouldn't be here until Thursday... tonight we pull in the driveway and UPS is here... he forgets to leave my small package (from Stampin' up, which is fine, as long as I get it tomorrow (just one item for me!)) ... instead he delivers my desk and I love it :) lets just hope I can keep it this clean! :)

Now...if only I could re-organize the rest of the room to make it look nice ;) That may have to wait until my July vacation :)

Sorry for the lack of posts! I'll try and be better. I had a really cute card I made for Gary for Father's Day that held two of those really big $20.00 scratch tickets... yes, I made a card around 2 scratch tickets... pathetic, I know :) It was worth it though! Only problem is ... I save it to my cameras memory and not the memory card... and I have no idea how to get it ON the card to put it ON my computer ;) Mike's trying to figure it out!

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