Saturday, October 11, 2008

Craft Fair!

Sorry, my computer is not allowing me to upload any pics tonight - I <3 dial up!

Today was my VERY FIRST Craft Fair and I was thrilled with how many people said "You do beautiful work"! Yay! It was definitely a SMALL Craft Fair... only about 10 tables total in the local Fire Station ... but I had a pretty good day!

Biggest sellers - Bookmarks, Nugget Tins & Stationary Kits.

I have a bunch of potential customers and possibly a 4H group interested in my help with their scrapbooks AND I got an order :) Lots of business cards were passed out, unsure if I'll get any calls but a bunch of people said they were interested in doing a party.

How exciting!

Taking a break this weekend from Stampin. I feel like I have stamped NON STOP for 2 weeks... everynight after work, all weekend every weekend... but I am SO looking forward to doing another one... so if you hear of anything.... :) LET ME KNOW!

Talk soon.