Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009 - Ice Storm pics!

Hello Everyone! So... I have been MIA lately and I apologize!!! Things have been a little crazy out in our neck of the woods... Here is a pic of the lovely ice storm. This is looking DOWN my driveway... as you can see... the power lines were ripped right off the side of the house... and were laying right across the middle of my driveway! FUN! 9 1/2 days later PSNH did come by and fix us all up (minus the telephone line that is still hanging ... but I am NOT complaining!)

See the big tree at the bottom of the driveway? That tree is laying on top of power lines connected to the telephone pole to the right of the picture... the pole is leaning barely standing on its own... hence the reason why the wires were pulled off the house...

Here is another pic of our community...

I am posting from my Mom's today! She let me borrow her camera and her computer for a few hours.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!




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Love your stuff that you share with us.